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Bikes Without Borders is a Canadian organization using bikes and bike-related solutions as a tool for development in marginalized communities.


BWB envisions a world where every person has a bicycle.

We envision a world where automobiles are antique and roads are shaded by trees; where the sky is clear and the clean wind blows your hair; where borders are unguarded and children can make their way safely to school.

In our future we leave our bicycles unlocked outside of the library, the hospital, the ice cream parlor; bicycles lean on trees, houses and telephone poles.

In our future children arrive at school in 15 minutes not 2 hours, they carry books in their baskets and not on their backs, parade down the street with hockey cards buzzing and bells ringing. They weave through parks and paths with smiles on their faces and leaves in their hair.  

In our future our governments give us a bicycle by law.   In our future a bicycle is built for every age and every disability and everyone knows how to grease a chain and change a tire the way we know how to tie our shoes.

In our future bicycles take you to work, courier cargo and carry your groceries... and BWB no longer exists.

To learn more about this organization please visit: http://www.bikeswithoutborders.org/

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